Gimme some of those sweet sweet dumplings

ImageI have a mild addiction to dumplings. Growing up with ‘Kenny’s Chinese Restaurant’ down the road didn’t help the situation. As a self diagnosed addict, the thing that’s really quite distressing me at the moment is this new ‘fine dining dumpling experience’ that’s taking over Sydney. I’m sorry, it’s called fine dining, not fine dumpling. And I’m not paying $18.50 for a plate of prawn gow gees.

The Chinese Noodle Restaurant in Haymarket has been a long-time regular on the ‘best dumpling list’ scene (trust me, it’s a thing). So I was a little surprised and ashamed to realise on my third visit there that I had in fact been going to The Chinese Noodle House, not the famed Chinese Noodle Restaurant. Oops.

Truth is, it really didn’t matter. The Noodle House and the Noodle Restaurant are both contained in the same shopping centre in Haymarket, they have basically the same menu at the same prices, and the same hurried feel of ”stop chatting and finish those damn pork buns” that emanates out of the surly waiters. Whether it’s the House or the Restaurant, they know how to make some seriously quick, cheap and tasty dumplings.

I’m afraid I’m one of those people who finds a favourite on a menu and can’t bare to part with it. Each time I’ve been to the Noodle House I’ve ordered the pan fried pork and chive dumplings – beautifully fragrant morsels of pork in a fresh doughy casing, the gooey-ness matched with a delightful crunch of fried goodness. I’ve made my way through the dumpling list and nothing compares to this favourite, although the steamed chicken and coriander dumplings come a close second.

Yes, the waiters are cranky. Yes, it’s BYO and should you ask for a wine glass you’ll be given a plastic cup. And yes, don’t even think about using the toilets. But this place is a gem, and a true dumpling heaven on earth.

The Chinese Noodle House

Address: 8 Quay St China Town

Love it because: Any dumpling combo is a winner. Bring a bottle of wine and try to stuff as many variations as your little belly can handle.

Chinese Noodle House on Urbanspoon


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